About Mountain View Roofing

It would take a long while to explain what the team at Mountain View Roofing does because we are committed to taking full care of your home or business. We have experienced contractors for Colorado roofing, painting siding, dirty gutters, construction, home remodels, kitchen remodels, and so much more. The thing that we have to emphasize to our customers is that this is not a jack-of-all-trades situation. We source experts in each area to work for our team and provide the highest quality services in each area of our business.

If you are looking to solidify your home's beauty or commercial roofing in Colorado Springs, then you will not find a more well-rounded and qualified one-stop company than Mountain View Roofing. Each and every one of our team members is committed to bringing you excellence with every single service we provide. Our commitment to our community and our attention to detail is something that brings many of our customers back for other services after experiencing our level of care. For anything from a new gutter installation to a bathroom remodel, the Mountain View Roofing team is here to connect you with an expert to help.

“Mountain View Roofing is always committed to putting customer service first, and we try to make sure you feel that welcome from the very beginning. Whether you call in or fill out a contact form, we have a customer service team ready to get in touch with you and get you all of the information you need. We look to work with your schedule when finding a time for inspections and working on your home, and our contractors always respect your property while working on your home services. Contact us today and get more information about all of our home and commercial building service needs.”

At Mountain View Roofing, safety isn’t just a word we say. It’s our way of life. From the top down, we are committed to creating a safe environment and a great working culture. We recognize that the industry we work in is a dangerous one, yet we make sure to eliminate as many of the hazards as we can and put our people first. We are very proud of our people and the safety culture we have created.

Mountain View Roofing employs a full-time safety director who has implemented programs aimed at providing safe working conditions through continuous training and education. This has created a safe work environment, helping to reduce job site incidents and eliminate injuries. We are extremely proud of the progress we have made.

  • Job site visits regularly, and safety audits are performed
  • Safety orientation for all new employees
  • Daily pre-task plans signed off by all employees
  • Continuing education and safety
  • Company-wide incentive programs
  • Yearly safety refresher required by all employees
Mountain View Roofing
Mountain View Roofing